What holiday home talk?

If you followed my Stir Up Your Social Media week, last week on Facebook then you’ll know the talk I mean.  Each day I posted tips, challenges and advice on getting social media working for you.

This coming month, I am walking the talk. I’m reviewing Spring Cottage’s Facebook About Me section. I’ve already changed my Twitter bio and I’m going to spend some time analysing my Google Analytics to better understand where my website clicks are coming from.

I’m also going to review my Saved Audiences on Facebook. Delete those I no longer wish to use (created years ago) and create new ones based on the people I want to attract to my page.

I’m also going to be creating more posts using my glowing guest comments. I’ll use Canva to create some memes and some will be posted as text only posts, some with pictures of the visitor’s book and some of my memes. I’ll monitor to see which gets the biggest reach and engagement. And then do more of those. And then review and adapt, and so it goes on.


When I first started to draft this blog I was going to say that June would be a quiet marketing month as I was fully booked until mid-September. However, over the weekend I received 3 cancellations. 3!! I can’t honestly remember the last time I received one cancellation, let alone 3 and all in one weekend.

Not nice, it’s one of downs of life as a holiday home owner I suppose. I now need to readjust and give time and focus to filling these weeks.

Two bookings were for beginning September and one for a peak week from Fri 28 July so I’m going all out to fill that first.  I don’t plan to give a discount, not yet anyway. Although I appreciate most people have already booked their summer holiday.  I’ll re-assess in a few weeks.


June is choca-blocca (or however you spell that) with 6 changeovers. Although I have a team to do these for me I still want to check in periodically to ensure it’s all up to my high standards.  I live 90 miles away and plan two visits to check things over. And it’s always good to keep in touch and meet up with my on-the-ground people. People who I couldn’t run my holiday home business without!

In a nutshell, that’s my June as a holiday cottage owner.


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