for holiday home owners

Do you find social media one big headache?

On the one hand you love it.

You have this amazing tool at your fingertips, enabling you to reach out and talk to future guests.

And on the other hand you begrudge it.

It takes up so much of your time. An hour can disappear in a flash because you’re dabbling in Facebook, having a go at Twitter, intermittently looking at Instagram; with no focus or plan.

Do you get stuck for ideas on what to talk about?  And when you do post, more often than not it lands on stoney ground?

You can’t see how any bookings are going to come from it.

Do you often wonder why you bother?

Yeh, I get that.  Until that is, you start to …


  • stand up and stand out in your social media.
  • feel in control of it (and not the other way round).
  • boss it!

Then, you’ll see social media for the valuable booking-boosting tool it is.

Imagine …

… how you’d feel about social media if you were shown how to use it effectively.

… how amazing it would feel to have a plan, a strategy, a purpose so each Tweet and Facebook post was actively engaging potential guests, building key relationships and growing your holiday home business

… getting your message across to those potential guests who are craving to hear it, who are looking for exactly what you’re offering, without having to give the hard sell.

… implementing time saving tips, tricks and easy to use software that will ensure your social media time is optimised.


Isn’t it time social media stops becoming your enemy and starts to become your friend?

No more …

  • Feeling left behind, that other owners know what they’re doing and you don’t
  • Wasting time as you stare at the computer screen thinking about what to post and then posting with no thought or purpose behind it
  • Dithering about which platforms will work best for you
  • Being bamboozled by the online advice, trying to decifer which bits are relevant to you and your business; this class has done that for you

Are you ready to start standing up and standing out on social media?


social media for holiday home owners

This class focusses on Facebook and Twitter but also covers Pinterest, Instagram, Google plus and YouTube

Just look what you’ll get:

Lesson 1: Let’s look at the different social media platforms (6 of them), their quirks, their advantages, their disadvantages. Let’s decide which ones are best for you and your holiday home business. Spoiler alert – you do not need to be active on them all.

Lesson 2:  Why are you using social media? Let’s talk about your reasons for being on there as it needs to fit into your business goals. “Because you feel you have to” isn’t a good enough reason!

Lesson 3:  Optimise your account set up (6 of them). This is so often overlooked, yet the first thing a potential guest will do when coming across you before booking, is to check you out.  Let’s make sure your bios are  really selling you, that your social media accounts are working for you before you even begin to think about posting to them.  Look at Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Google+ and Pinterest


Lesson 4:  Content rules! But what does that mean?  Here we look what you should be posting and how you should be posting it.  This is a big module.  How to ensure variety and a constant supply of stuff to talk about. We don’t want you being a bore and turning everyone away.

Lesson 5:  Social media etiquette.  How to behave and how not to behave. Because although it’s the online world you’re still talking to real people.

Lesson 6:  Make the best use of your social media time by scheduling. I’ll share with you the best free tools to do this and how to use them for maximum results, with minimum time spent. I’ll also share my secret weapon!

Lesson 7:  How do you know if your social media is working? Your track and measure your progress that’s how. I’ll show you how to use Google Analytics and the various tools within each platform to track your stats.

Lesson 8:  Facebook ads – no need to be scared. I’ll show you step by step what you need to do to prepare ads, how to create audiences, how to capture website visitors so you can later re-target them. How to get results from under a fiver.

Plus bonus tutorials about Facebook live and how to create eye-catching header images and memes using Canva, a free and ever-so-easy to use photo editing tool.

Get hours of social media training, just for holiday home owners, for a tiny price:

Enough is enough! You don’t want to feel like you do right now about social media, any longer; do you? Don’t waste any more time and money on doing the same old same old, that’s not working for you. Ditch the frustration today! 

Grab this class and stop social media being the headache, the nuisance, the time-drain that it currently is.


After payment, please check your email for login details to access the class. You can dip in and out of it whenever you want to.