It’s that time of the month again where I share with you what I’m working on in my holiday home business in the coming weeks.  

Staying Visible!

I’ve just got the proofs back from a recent photo shoot.  You can now see them all over my new website!

The pics will form part of my visibility strategy or put simply I’ll be using them online so guests can see me.  They’ll be on the About Me and Contact Me page of my website and used in my social media posts in April and beyond; for both The Business of Holiday Rental and Spring Cottage.

All my social media profile pics are of me (just got to update them). No hiding behind my logo or a lovely picture of my holiday cottage.

I strongly encourage you – not really – I’m telling you – to do the same!

It’s immediately more engaging and personal when a potential guest comes across your Facebook page for the first time. Yes use pics of your property in the header image but not the profile pic.

You don’t have to use a professional photographer for these but get some head shots taken of you and use them online. Even better, get some pics of you taken at your holiday home. That’s where my next photo shoot will take place.

Like I did, can you pay your photographer with a weekend away in your holiday home instead of cash? I’m all for an exchange of service!

guest comments for my holiday home business

March was pretty much fully booked. So I’m capturing guests comments from the visitors book and adding them to my Guest Review page on my website. I’m also making memes out of them, such as this, to really bring the comments alive.  These will capture people’s attention in a Facebook newsfeed much more than a pic of the Visitors Book or the comment used as plain text.

I’ve got to follow up with the guests who left end-March and thank them for staying and remind them of my return guest 10% discount (note to self).

Going on hol

I’m going on a (non) skiing holiday to Austria the week before Easter. The rest of my family are skiers. I plan to work in the morning with my laptop, sit with a glass of wine and my Kindle in the afternoon, then go out with the family in the late afternoon/early evening.  We’re going self-catering so I know I won’t be able to help myself and analyse what this owner is doing well and could do better at.  One thing I’ve found before in Austria is that their cleaning standards are immaculate, and Miele appliances come as standard even in the mid-price bracket.

As I’ve less time ‘in the office’ I need to plan in advance and rely on third party tools such as Buffer and Meet Edgar. This will ensure I have scheduled content going out across my social media platforms.  My monthly newsletter will be sent out when I return.  I hope to include an article on the local vineyard.

My area

The last weekend in April sees the Tour de Yorkshire returning. It’s an event that really puts Yorkshire on the map. I need to capitalise on that and make sure I’m Tweeting and talking about it on my social media. My cottage is already booked that weekend.  I need to be seen by those who are so wowed by the county on TV that Yorkshire is there next holiday destination.


successful holiday rental formulaThe doors to the >> Holiday Rental Success Formula<< are still open. Be quick though as I’ll be closing them on Tuesday 11th April (you heard it hear first!).

It’s for you if you want to feel more confident in your business skills and to feel in control of all aspects of your holiday rental business – including not relying on the big listing sites.  It’s for you if you’re struggling to know where to focus your time and attention; what elements matter and what don’t.

As a result of following the Holiday Rental Success Formula, you’ll bring in more money, you’ll be super-productive and just love what you do. You’ll be running the business of your dreams in every way!

Have a Happy Easter!

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