Hi… This is me, Karen Spencer

How did I get to where I am now in my business?

Why not just keep all my secrets to myself?

I just can’t help myself I guess!

I’ve always been a “people” person. In my previous life I worked as a department trainer for a multi-national company.

My first insight into the world of holiday rental was when I worked for a luxury self-catering holiday agency.  

I picked up so many tips and tricks from speaking to owners and guests.  I gained a real understanding into what it takes to run a successful holiday home.  And just how much you can earn!

My mission to help me and other owners earn more from your holiday home was born!

The big learning curve came eight years ago when I become a second home owner. Boy did I learn lots! 

From second home owner to holiday rental business owner

I knew I wanted to offer a special product. Defined not just by the quality of the holiday rental itself but also the service I was going to offer my guests. I wanted to make each booking count and justify earning as much as I could per booking.

That’s where my profits would lie. I wrote about this here <<< How I earn 20% more than most holiday home owners in my area >>>

From the start, I knew I needed to run my holiday home as a business, not an expensive hobby.

Did I mention I was a Styling Professional?

So I set about turning a lovely, but bland cottage into something special.

I’ve always had a passion for interiors, an eye for style and a sense of what works in a room and what doesn’t. So I studied to get myself a qualification to sit alongside what I already knew I could do.

And I achieved Visit England 5* Gold.

But crucially I styled the cottage on a budget and that is what my home staging techniques and skills are all about: how best to style and present a holiday cottage to look its best for minimum spend.

I had to get some paying guests.  I researched and I read and I studied.

I taught myself how to use social media and how to build my own website, how SEO works and how to market my holiday rental.


I wanted a one-stop-shop to take me through this process of creating and then growing a holiday rental business. But there wasn’t one!

There is now!

The Business of Holiday Rental is born from my needs as a holiday home owner and my industry experiences and knowledge.  It’s what I needed to know 8 years ago.

I understand your struggles, your frustrations, your needs very well, because I’ve been there!

I had to learn the hard way and yes I made some mistakes along the way, it hasn’t all been plain sailing, but I’ve learned from them. 

And I’m ready to help you earn more from your holiday home.

I look forward to working with you.

Karen from The Business of Holiday Rental

How can I help you?


Unlock the potential in you and your holiday rental business.  This is where the business results really start to happen.  Get my attention on your business for 3 months. I’m there holding your hand every step of the way, encouraging you, keeping you ontrack, making you accountable and moving you from ok to awesome.  Take the fast lane to taking control of your business and earning more.

earn more from your holiday home


This is one heck of a powerful hour.  It’s you and me focussing solely on your business.  Get your ducks in a row, get your next steps and growth plans in place.  What are you really struggling with? What’s holding you back?  What do you need advice on right now so you can earn more from your holiday home?   Let’s tackle that together; now.  Don’t stay stuck, your business and you deserve better!

earn more from your holiday home


Check out my 3 online programs. Which one’s right for you?  All jam packed with video tutorials and downloads to work through at your own pace.  There’s no such thing as getting left behind and you don’t need to be techie or have any prior knowledge to join in.  Plus you’re not on your own as I’m there to support your learning, in a member’s Facebook group. Got a question, just ask!

earn more from your holiday home

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